About Us1

A Gateway to your successful Business …..
Gateway Services (UK) Limited started in October 2012, as an out-sourcing unit, to provide marketing and software support to a small number of dedicated clients in UK. We have a strong commitment to support our clients at all stages of a project – and that extends to post-completion.
Gateway Services (UK) Limited is a dynamic and innovative company who continuously invest in their people brand and business. We believe in providing all our key players with opportunities to succeed and deliver their full potential in an environment of energy, encouragement and support.

Gateway Services (UK) Vision:

“To be a globally respected corporation that provides best-of-breed e business solutions, leveraging technology and global workforce”.

Gateway Services (UK) Mission

“To achieve our business objectives by creating partnerships with our clients and ensure total customer satisfaction.”

Why Gateway Services (UK) Limited?

  • *We are experts in our field, having significant experience both as marketing and IT consultants and as operational marketing directors / senior managers.
  • *Our approach is focused on making strategy happen by developing practical solutions that are easily understood, easily implemented and deliver results.
  • *We adopt a flexible, collaborative and often innovative approach to develop IT solutions around the needs of our clients.
  • *The marketing and IT solutions we help develop are holistic in nature and address the impact on the organisation and the people that work within it as well as the organisation’s customers.
  • *We work with well proven methodologies that are adapted to fit the culture and meet the specific needs of our clients’ businesses.
  • *We are able to add value by using our experience across different industries and between the private and public sectors.
  • *We are approachable and friendly people who understand the stresses and strains of trying to successfully grow a business